gray tshirt

Forever a Barber Grey

sizes S-XXL


red tshirt

Forever A Barber- Red

sizes S-XXL



Magic Finger Shine N Jam

This product provides a perfect hold for your braid style. Any Hair texture is easy to manage and work through when using this product. It leaves the hair soft and moisturized.



TBB Alligator Clips (4set)

The alligator clips come in 4 different colors and help to secure and stabilize the separation of hair.



TBB Braid Ultimate Collection

This includes 1 Paddle Brush, 1 Wide tooth comb, 2 Precision parting combs, 2 Edge Brushes, 2 sets of alligator clips and 1 jars of Magic Finger Shine N Jam. Everything you may need for your braiding process.



TBB Edge Brush (4 pack)

The double-sided tool comes in 4 colors and helps to perfect edges and secure small areas with ease. The stiff but soft brush allows for a smooth finish and tiny comb helps flexibility and detail.



TBB Paddle Brush

This paddle brush is perfect for detangling wet and dry hair. Starting from the ends to the roots, this brush relieves tension and breakage. This hair is best used on long hair or hair with soft curls. It is also a good tool to use when spreading product throughout the hair.



TBB Precision Parting Combs (4 Pack)

This comb comes in 4 different colors. The fine point tooth help with precision and detail parting. The metal rat tail end helps with smooth separation and detail.



TBB Sticker Collection Sticker 3

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TBB Wide tooth Comb

This wide tooth wet hair comb is perfect for detangling natural hair. It helps with the separation of curls and



The First Lady

An Italian Pearl Razor handle with a silver stainless steel razor holder. Smooth, Lightweight Plastic Handle for comfort.



The Gentle Wood

An authentic sandalwood razor handle with a coated black steel razor holder. Wood tone may vary.



The Modern OG

A rounded black and grey wooden accent razor handle with a coated black steel razor holder.